We, at International English Church, are a gathering of people in Jinju, South Korea who desire to know God better through Jesus Christ. Our congregation includes those from many religious backgrounds including Catholic, Lutheran, non-denominational, Baptist, Charismatic, Presbyterian, non-church going, and others. We are united by a commitment to God and His revealed truth in the Bible.

We started in January 2010, as an outreach of a Korean congregation, Jinju Sungnam Church. By the grace of God we are growing, reaching more and more Koreans and Internationals who enjoy worshiping in English, including English teachers, engineers, international business workers, and those who have studied English overseas or in Korea.

Email: contact@internationalenglishchurch.com

Address: Sungnam Church (성남교회), 3-4 Shinan-dong, Jinju City, Gyeongsangnam-Do, South Korea

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Whether you are interested in Christianity for the first time or are looking for a new church family, we welcome you to check out IEC.

Our community includes English-speaking Koreans and foreigners from around the world and from all types of religious backgrounds.

You’ll fit right in. Join us this week!

International English Church
in Jinju, South Korea



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Sundays at 1:30pm 

at Jinju Sungnam Church (성남교회)

We’ve compiled a handy guide to living in this great city, everything from using the bus system to taking out your trash


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