Jinju Bus Map

As you can see from the map below, there is a river that runs like an “N” through the city and the homes and businesses hug it. Small mountains fill in the gaps. The major highways (in orange) are on the south and west sides. The shaded area is downtown.

Buses Numbers

Every bus in Jinju is a three digit number. The first and second digits are the zones the bus travels between. The third digit is the unique identifier, as the bus may have a slightly different path than other buses that travel in the same zones.


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The map above includes all of Jinju area., including the countryside. The main city is shown in the map below. Each neighborhood (“dong”) has a name. The map below shows some of them in red. The main buses travel along the streets marked in blue.

Bus Routes

Below are maps for the main buses with major landmarks. Each bus stop has a name and it is announced when the bus approaches, but it is probably easier to just count the turns to your destination. The white circles are the main stops (not all of them), so you can’t count stops, but it will get you very close.

There are other buses, but they come very infrequently (like every 2 hours or longer). If you want to see all the buses, there is a link at the bottom of the page.

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