Buses, Taxis and Trains

Buses inside Jinju

They cost 1200 won and go almost everywhere in Jinju. You can buy a reloadable bus pass at convenience stores like GS-25. These cost about 10,000won and may come with a bus ride or two already on them, depending on the kind you buy. Each ride is discounted to 1,100 won as well.

Board the bus from the front door and exit at the back door. You can either put 1,100 won in the cash box, or touch your bus pass to the scanner. It will show you the remaining balance. When the balance gets low, reload it at the register of a convenience store. When you want to get off, hit a “stop” button on the wall. The bus driver will stop at the next bus stop. If you will be transferring to another bus, tap your bus pass to the scanner near the exit. If you transfer to a different bus number within 30 minutes, the second ride will be free.

Make sure you get on a bus going the direction you want to head (cross the street if you want to go the other way). See the Bus Map Page for major bus routes.

Buses to Other Cities

There are two great websites for checking bus times/fares inside Korea. The first is the Korean government tourist info site: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/TR/TR_EN_5_1_3_1_1.jsp Choose the options below (if you are leaving from Jinju). Select your destination city. The search results will give you the cost, bus terminal, and frequency of buses. Choose “Gyeongsangnam-do” and then “Jinju-si”

JINJU BUS MAPSMap_of_Jinju.html

The results list the stations- either “Express Bus Terminal” also called “Kosok Bus terminal” (고속버스터미널 in Korean) or “Intercity Bus Terminal” also called “Sheway Bus Terminal” (시외버스 터미널 in Korean). Use these latter names if you are taking a taxi. See the Jinju Map for terminal locations. Also, if you are taking a taxi, you may want to have the Korean terminal names to show the drivers.

Buy tickets at the stations. They only sell one way tickets departing from their station. Board the bus parked in front of the sign with your destination city. It will also have the city listed in the front window. Ask if you are not sure. The driver will take your ticket.

For more information and bus terminal locations in each city, visit http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/TR/korea_terminal.jsp

For a detailed map of Seoul’s subway system, click here.

Busan Late-Night Bus

At times you will need to return from Busan later then the last inter-city bus departure time from the terminal. Fortunately, there is a regular late-night bus from Busan to Jinju near the Sasang Terminal. The Jinju late-night bus is a curbside stop at Exit 4 of the Sasang Subway Station. Exit 4 is across the street from the "Apple Outlet" (not Apple Computers). There is just a little street sign at the top of the subway stairs that indicates the bus. The cost is 8,000 Won and buses run at 10:25pm, 11:25pm, and 12:25pm. 

The second website is http://www.koreatransportation.info and we mention it because it tells you how to transfer if Jinju doesn’t have a bus that goes directly and you can find out about a specific time. It also links Google maps to the bus terminal locations.

To/From Airports

Check out our page on this here.


The starting cost is 2,200 won (about $2 USD). From one side of Jinju to the other it costs about 5,500 won. It is a great option for inside a city when you have multiple people and know the name of the place you want to go in Korean. Taxi drivers don’t usually speak English.


There are trains that leave from Jinju, though we’ve found the trips usually take longer and cost more than taking a bus. Train info is available at: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/TR/TR_EN_5_1_2.jsp and http://info.korail.com/2007/eng/eng_index.jsp